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2018 Keynotes

Rukaiyah Adams | Chair, Albina Vision Trust, and Chief Investment Officer, Meyer Memorial Trust

Rukaiyah Adams

Michelle J. DePass | President & CEO, Meyer Memorial Trust

Michelle J. DePass

She came to Meyer in 2018 after serving as dean of the Milano School of International Affairs, Management and Urban Policy at The New School in New York, shepherding both the program and the university toward environmental stewardship and a greater focus on social justice. Born to parents who immigrated to the U.S. from Jamaica, Michelle also has strong family ties to Oregon through her husband, Joshua Paulson, a civil rights and defense attorney who grew up in the Corvallis, Oregon area. Read Michelle's full bio.

2018 Speakers

John Audley | Regional Outreach Director, Oregon Business Plan

John Audley

Brian Bangs | Native Fish Investigations, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

Brian Bangs

Clinton Begley | Watershed Coordinator/Executive Director, Long Tom Watershed Council

Clinton Begley

Dustin Bengtson | Deputy Operations Project Manager, Willamette Valley Project, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Dustin Bengtson

Andrea Berkley | Natural Resource Specialist, Oregon Parks and Recreation Department

Andrea Berkley

Kenneth Bierly | Former Deputy Director, Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board

Kenneth Bierly

Sean Bistoff | Capital Project Manager, City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services

Sean Bistoff

Jonathan Blasher | Director of Parks and Nature, Metro

Jon Blasher

Emilie Blevins | Conservation Biologist, Endangered Species Program, Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation

Emilie Blevins

Marcelo Bonta | Principal, The Raben Group and President, Marcelo Bonta Consulting LLC

Doug Stamm

Belinda Brown | Tribal Partnership Manager, Lomakatsi Restoration Project

Belinda Brown

Her recent work has been with the 109 California Tribes and assisting them in developing resolutions, position papers and facilitating strategic government to government coordination, workshops and collaboration for the protection and preservation of water and natural resources. Her background is in health and human services, emergency preparedness and natural resources.

Laura Brown | River Restoration and Invasive Species Program Coordinator, Benton Soil and Water Conservation District

Laura Brown

Kurt Carpenter | Hydrologist, U.S. Geological Survey

Kurt Carpenter

Jeff Caudill | Environmental Planner, Portland Bureau of Planning & Sustainability

Jeff Caudill

Chanté Coleman | Director, Choose Clean Water Coalition, National Wildlife Federation

Chante Coleman

Debbie Craig | Board Member, Meyer Memorial Trust

Debbie Craig

Stacey Dalgaard | Water Communications & Outreach Director, Oregon Environmental Council

Stacey Dalgaard

Tara Davis | Willamette-Laja Twinning Project Coordinator, Contractor, Cascade Pacific RC&D

Tara Davis

Sarah Dyrdahl | Executive Director, Middle Fork Willamette Watershed Council

Sarah Dyrdahl

Michelle Emmons | South Valley Advocate, Willamette Riverkeeper

Michelle Emmons

Christian Ettinger | Founder & Brewmaster, Hopworks Urban Brewing, Portland

Christian Ettinger

Amanda Gilbert | Executive Director, Coast Fork Willamette Watershed Council

Amanda Gilbert

Val Goodness, ABD Phd | Watershed Conservation & Indigenous Studies Fellow, University at Buffalo National Science Foundation and President, TEK Initiative

Val Goodness

Gayle Goschie | Owner, Goschie Farms, Silverton

Gayle Goschie

Stan Gregory | Distinguished Professor of Fisheries-Emeritus, Oregon State University

Stan Gregory

Kathleen Guillozet | Director, Willamette Model Watershed Program, Bonneville Environmental Foundation

Kathleen Guillozet

Emily Henke, MPH | Co-Lead, Oregon Health & Outdoors Initiative, Oregon Public Health Institute

Emily Henke

Allison Hensey | Willamette River Initiative Director, Meyer Memorial Trust

Allison Hensey

Rose High Bear | Senior Consultant, Wisdom of the Elders, Inc.

Rose High Bear

Krista Jones | Hydrologist, U.S. Geological Survey

Jimmy Kagan | Director, Institute for Natural Resources - Portland, Portland State University

Jimmy Kagan

He developed the first statewide vegetation map for Oregon in 1990, and the most recent 2018 Oregon habitat map, discovered and named a new species (Lomatium cookii) and rediscovered three other plant species thought to be extinct. He has a MS in Plant Ecology from the University of Oregon, a BS in Science and Education from Portland State University and a BA from the Evergreen State College.

Dan Kent | Co-Founder & Executive Director, Salmon-Safe

Dan Kent

Paul Ketcham | Sr. Environmental Manager, City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services

Paul Ketcham

Marci Krass | Restoration Program Manager, Willamette Riverkeeper

Marci Krass

David Lamfrom | Director-California Desert and Wildlife Programs, National Parks Conservation Association

David Lamfrom

Meta Loftsgaarden | Executive Director, Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board

Meta Loftsgaarden

Meta worked for NRCS on partnership and policy issues in both Oregon and Montana including farmland protection, working forestland easements, and strategic conservation planning at a landscape scale. She managed the state's technical advisory committee with representatives from 65 agriculture, forestry, and conservation non-profits, and state and federal agencies. While with NRCS, she worked in Washington, DC on the Conservation Title of the 2008 Farm Bill. While in Montana, Meta ran the Montana Department of Agriculture's Marketing and Business Development Bureau, helping agricultural businesses access markets for Montana's value-added agricultural products. And, she promoted rural economic and natural resource policies as deputy communications director for Montana's Governor Judy Martz and communications coordinator for the Montana Stockgrowers Association. Meta has a Master's in Public Administration from Portland State University and a Bachelor's in Agriculture Extension from Montana State University.

Kaitlin Lovell | Science Integration Division Manager, City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services

Kaitlin Lovell

Nellie McAdams | Farm Preservation Program Director, Rogue Farm Corps

Nellie McAdams

Rebecca McCoun | Executive Director, North Santiam Watershed Council

Rebecca McCoun

Kate Meyer | Fisheries Biologist, USFS, Willamette National Forest (McKenzie River Ranger District)

Kate Meyer

Ryan Michie | Senior Analyst, Watershed Management Section, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality

Ryan Michie

Rich Miller | Research Assistant, Center for Lakes and Reservoirs, Portland State University

Rich Miller

Brian Moore | Project Manager, Willamette Falls Legacy Project, Oregon Metro

Brian Moore

David Noakes | Professor & Director, Oregon Hatchery Research Center, Oregon State University

David Noakes

He is Editor in Chief of the international journal, Environmental Biology of Fishes, and Editor of the book monograph series, Fish and Fisheries. He is the author and editor of more than 180 scientific publications and books. He has been the academic supervisor of more than 40 postgraduate students, research associates and postdoctoral research fellows. In his current position as Professor of Fisheries and Wildlife at Oregon State University and Director of the Oregon Hatchery Research Center he continues extensive collaboration with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and a number of other regional, national and international institutions and agencies. Research collaborators come to the OHRC from across Oregon, throughout the USA and Canada, as well as Germany, Canada, China, Japan, Brazil, Thailand, Iceland, Russia and Europe. Active research projects at the OHRC include studies of homing and straying, ocean navigation, use of triploids in management, selection of wild and hatchery fish for stocking programs, mate selection, domestication, genetics and early development, angler harvest, rearing Chinook salmon and steelhead for wild surrogate studies, applications of olfactory imprinting to hatchery production.

Gale Orcutt Darling | Community Engagement Coordinator, Middle Fork Willamette Watershed Council

Gale Orcutt Darling

Julia Person | Corporate Sustainability Manager, Widmer Brothers Brewing

Julia Person

Rich Piaskowski | Fisheries Biologist, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Rich Piaskowski

Todd Reeve | Chief Executive Officer, BEF

Todd Reeve

Barton Robison, MPA | Co-Leader, Oregon Health & Outdoors Initiative, Willamette Partnership

Barton Robison

Stewart Rounds | Hydrologist, U.S. Geological Survey

Stewart Rounds

Gladys Ruiz | Principal Consultant, Gladys Ruiz Consulting

Gladys Ruiz

GRC engages clients through the cultivation of equitable learning environments that focuses on understanding what it means to provide programs for multicultural audiences. Rooted in multicultural educational practices, culturally relevant is focused on creating programs that allows audiences to see themselves reflected and respected in the content of each program, is trauma informed, relevant to individuals life experiences, and allows for the environmental field to be broadly define based on their own connection to the natural world. In addition, Gladys Ruiz serves as a Program Associate for Center for Diversity & the Environment, a national organization whose mission is to harness the power of racial & ethnic diversity to transform the U.S. environmental movement by developing leaders, catalyzing change within institutions, and building alliances, leading equity, diversity and inclusion trainings.

Sharon Selvaggio | Program Director, Healthy Wildlife and Water, Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides

Sharon Selvaggio

Gabe Sheoships | Education Director, Friends of Tryon Creek

Gabe Sheoships

As an adjunct faculty instructor in both the Indigenous Nations Studies and University Studies departments at Portland State University, Gabe's teachings challenge students to understand ideas of reciprocity, stewardship, observation and education in a holistic sense. Students are encouraged to further their knowledge and understanding of the natural world, and then have the opportunity to share these lessons with groups of elementary students. Gabe's lessons are centered on Indigenous science, directed at the protection of First Food resources, grounded in traditional ecological knowledge. Gabe spent 3 years studying the larval ecology of Pacific lamprey, also known as eels or K'suyas, in the Willamette River Basin, along with the understanding of the cultural value relating to the presence, harvest, and tradition of utilizing these fish in Western Oregon. Prior to these projects, Gabe worked with the Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission for 8 years. Gabe currently volunteers his time as the DEI Committee Chair for the Oregon Chapter of the American Fisheries Society, and as a member of the Board of Directors for the Center for Diversity and the Environment. Gabe has an M.Sc. in Fisheries Biology from Oregon State University, along with a B.S. from Portland State University.

Susie Smith | Executive Director, Oregon Association of Clean Water Agencies

Susie Smith

Brent Stevenson | District Manager, Santiam Water Control District

Brent Stevenson

Esther Stutzman | Elder, Kalapuya Tribe

Esther Stutzman

Shannin Stutzman | Indigenous Song Keeper, Kalapuya Tribe

Shannin Stutzman

Audrey Squires | Restoration Projects Manager, Middle Fork Willamette Watershed Council

Audrey Squires

Brian Vaughn | Senior Natural Resources Scientist, Oregon Metro

Brian Vaughn

Rose Wallick | Geomorphology Team Lead, U.S. Geological Survey

Rose Wallick

Jared Weybright | Executive Director, McKenzie Watershed Council

Jared Weybright

Travis Williams | Riverkeeper & Executive Director, Willamette Riverkeeper

Travis Williams

Gail Woodside | TK PhD Candidate ABD, Oregon State University

Gail Woodside

Gail is interested in subsistence landscape restoration, elk behavior and movement, and creating partnerships between Western and Traditional science. She is a member of the Advisory Board the Native American Longhouse, as well as a founding member of OSU's Biannual Traditional Knowledge conferences, and has taught Indigenous Natural Resource management classes since 2009.

Tori Yoder | Program Technician, Watershed Program, Bonneville Environmental Foundation

Tori Yoder

Jean-Paul Zagarola | Senior Project Manager, Watershed Program, Bonneville Environmental Foundation

Jean-Paul Zagarola

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