About Us

The Meyer Memorial Trust is one of the largest private foundations in Oregon. Our mission is to "work with and invest in organizations, communities, ideas and efforts that contribute to a flourishing and equitable Oregon." In 2008, Meyer launched the Willamette River Initiative (WRI), a ten-year program focused on protecting and improving the health of the Willamette River. Since then, Meyer has invested almost $18.5 million in efforts to protect and improve the Willamette River. Grants have been awarded to dozens of organizations, including local and regional land trusts, watershed councils, state universities, agencies and conservation groups involved in river restoration work.

In addition to providing grants, Meyer partners with state and federal agencies, universities, watershed councils, soil and water conservation districts, land trusts and other nonprofits to advance restoration in the Willamette River Basin. In this capacity, WRI provides "backbone" services to help increase the level of collaboration and alignment among Willamette River stakeholders. Examples include providing technical support for restoration projects and coordinating meetings and convenings, including the Within Our Reach biennial conference.


WRI is a program of the Meyer Memorial Trust with fiscal sponsorship by the Tides Center.